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Welcome to Paradise!

New Zealand has very unique location on planet. It is situated far and away from the rest of the World in the middle of Pacific Ocean on so called “Ring of Fire”, exposed to the moods of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates and to all possible weather patterns oceans can throw at it. Thanks to these elements and its undisturbed seclusion for millions of years, a natural scenic wonderland had a chance to form. New Zealand therefore features some of the most dramatic, diverse and colourful landscapes on Earth. Quite possibly this might be one of reasons why it is a dream destination – once in a lifetime experience for many people.

South Island in particular is an absolute heaven for any landscape photographer, offering such a remarkable diversity on so small piece of land, which is unparalleled on our planet.

Wild and remote coastal scenes, limestone formations and blowholes, Nikau palms, lagoons, dense, juicy green rainforests give way to tussocky alpine heights. Snowy Southern Alps with highest peak of entire Austral-Asia - Mt. Cook 3754m asl, mighty and World famous glaciers, untouched glacier carved fiords, valleys filled with pristine, wild rivers and streams, prehistoric lakes, bogs and swamps, waterfalls and much more - all these breathtaking locations, many of them under protection as "UNESCO World Heritage Area", awaits participants of NZICESCAPES IMAGES/Petr Hlavacek's photographic tours.

In our photographic adventures, we want to concentrate on the best and most dramatic locations New Zealand offers.

From photography perspective - we will focus on creating images in these special locations that stand out from the crowd. Appreciating differences in light, creating strong compositions, utilizing photographic techniques and visions will help you to create powerful images and form your own unique style and vision in photography.

For 2012-13, NZICESCAPES IMAGES has prepared and scheduled 4 versions of photo tours. Each offers different length with concentration on different scenery but always including many from above mentioned jewel locations. There is also a trip version encompassing all from above - our premium photo tour through 6 National Parks of the South Island in New Zealand.

In total, New Zealand has 14 National Parks. 4 are up in the North Island, 1 is in Rakiura/Stewart Island and 9 National Parks are on the mainland/the South Island.

New Zealand also has just over 4million people living in it, while only around 1 million lives in the South Island.

NZICESCAPES IMAGES/Petr Hlavacek can't wait to see you down under, participating on one of our photographic tours!

Thank you!

Custom Photo Tours

Next to our scheduled photo tours, we can also tailor the photographic trip for you to fit your needs. There is no minimal limit on number of participants.

Petr is experienced tramper and outdoor person, always keen on venturing off beaten tracks. If your needs are of taking photography adventures into remote areas or just around the corner, or if your needs are more of a post processing, digital darkroom nature and one-on-one tuition, please contact Petr at -